Chief Jeff Anderson
First Assistant Chief John Taylor
Second Assistant Chief Dave Schrems
Third Assistant Chief Nick Szuniewicz
First Aid Captain Jim Jagusiak, Sr.
First Aid Lieutenant Doug Brown
Ambulance Lieutenant Jim Jagusiak, Jr.
Training Officer Wilson Wild
Truck Captain Mike Barren
Fire Police Captain Greg Szuniewicz
Safety Officer John Strzelec

Corporate Officers

President Nick Szuniewicz
Vice President Cale Dehlinger
Secretary Theresa Jagusiak
Treasurer George Kumpf
Board of Directors John Strzelec (2015-2016)  Joe Pomona (2015-2016)  Jim Jagusiak, Jr. (2016-2017)  Otis Dimick (2016-2017)  Mike Barron (2016-2017)

Auxiliary Officers

President Ellen Grant
Vice President Linda Beeman
Secretary Linda Dombrowski
Treasurer Edith Grant


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