Fire and Rescue Equipment

1New Cowlesville 1 is a 2004 Western States Freightliner chassis pumper.  This is the primary attack truck for fires.  It has two pumps: 250 GPM and 1250 GPM, a 1800 Gallon water tank, and has space for 4 crew members to suit up into air packs en route to a call.  This truck also carries 20 gallons of class A foam and has an around-the-pump proportioner.
2New   Cowlesville 2 is a 1986 International pumper.  It replaced a 1962 unit that became inoperable in       2012.  This is primarily a water source truck, with 4 wheel drive and 5-person carrying capacity.  It     has a 1000 GPM front mount pump, 750 Gallon water tank, and carries 1000 Feet of 5 inch   diameter supply hose.
3  Cowlesville 3 is a 1993 Central States Navistar chassis pumper.  This is presently the second attack truck for structure fires, and is first out on most other types of fires.  It has a 1250 GPM pump and 1500 Gallon water tank.
#7 Rescue Cowlesville 7 carries medical supplies, saws, air packs, rope rescue equipment, radios, and anything else needed to deal with the wide variety of emergencies the company is called to.
8 Cowlesville 8 is a 2011 Marque Type III ambulance on a Ford chassis.  This vehicle is larger than the previous ambulance, providing more room for equipment and better patient access.  All of the lighting is LED, which improves visibility and safety, while reducing maintenance. Cowlesville 8 is New York State Certified.